Missing user rights to perform an update

You want to update kkp but the program tells you that do not have the permission to do that.

To solve this problem you have to restart KKP and click the usermanagement. That is the button at the right border displaying two persons.


Now you are asked to enter die administration password. By default this ist: KKP

If you not have this password you will have to ask your KKP-Admin for it.

After authentification you enter the usermanagent. This is where you can see every configured user for your KKP installation.


Select the user you want to grant the permissions to update the KKP and click on edit. In the dialog that opens now you may want to select the option „check for updates„.


Close all windows by pressing the OK button.

So now you did it. Now the user owns all neccessary permissions to perform an update.