Shared projectrepository

KKP allows you to store your projects in a common repository such as a share network folder. This tutorial shows you how to use KKP installed indivually on each workstation but use the projects from a central place at the same time.


As a server you may use any component that is able to provide a shared network folder. So you may create a shared network folder on a regular server. Alternativly you may also use a normal workstation oder a NAS (Network Attached Storage). Especially NAS may be very usefull since they are mostly like harddrives in a network providing much space. By that NAS are generally very easy to administrate. This lets NAS become handy as a backup solution.

But why would you want to use a shared projectrepository at all?

You may install KKP on a sever and use commonly. In this case every project is stored at this central place. But if the server runs out of order because of service administration or because of updates, nobody becomes able to use KKP at that time. But if you install KKP at local workstation instead you may still continue using KKP. At the same time KKP generally works faster if installed locally. Another advantage is that you may create your testprojects locally and only store the real projects in the common repository. That way you avoid your colleagues having to face all testprojects but instead let them only see the relevant ones. If you do have several different workgroups or trainees in your company you may whish to get them a different project repository to prevent an unwanted mixup.

The configuration of the project repository is set per user.

Tip: You may configure a user with access to the common repository and another one with access to a local repository. This allows you to easily switch between different project repositories. There is no extra license or dongle needed to do that.

To configure the common projectrepository you will have to enter the usermanagement. To enter the usermanagement click the button with the two person displayed in the login-window.


Next you will have to authenticate with your Admin-Password. This is by default KKP. If you do not know this password please ask your KKP administrator.

If authenticated you will find yourself in the usermanagement section. You can see a complete overview of all configured users. Click the user you want to edit and click the edit button.


Next you will see the user settings. On the right side you may setup where your projects shall be stored.


Close all windows by confirming them with the OK button.

That’s it! You have now successfully set up a common project repository.